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Criticism of Obama is OK, But We Draw the Line at Unfairness to Barney Fife

We have long been critics of Barack Obama, sometimes harsh ones. But we have always tried to be fair. So when unfairness comes to light, we feel obliged to object to it. 18 more words


Leftist Lawmakers and Enviro-Extremists Created CA Water Crisis

These bills, which obliterate private property rights and local control, are being sold as a port in a storm, when the reality is that they are the recipe for the perfect storm. 51 more words


Experience and Actuality: Voltaire’s Criticism of Armchair Philosophers (Part 2 of 3)

However, Pangloss’ theories are more than just the silly, faulty reasonings of a man who thinks he’s right; they’re dangerous. It is with this belief, that this is the best of all possible worlds and that all things are for the best, that… 839 more words

Robin Jeffrey

Retired Marine Assigns Himself To A Post; Town Shows Respect

Parents, students, and even those in the cars Alston ask to stop appreciate his help, Alston said.“The students saluted me. They say, ‘Thank you sir,’” he said. 25 more words


Back to "School"

It’s back to school season. I have returned from vacation and, for the first time in my memory, I’m not prepping for school. In fact, Madelonian is already back at Willamette, has been for a week now and I’m still languishing at home on the opposite coast. 801 more words

Video: Sharyl Attkisson wants to know where the illegal immigrant children have gone

One of the only answers offered by the Obama administration is that privacy and safety concerns for the children make it necessary to protect their location. 74 more words


Horace and Me. And me too.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Roman poet, lived and died in the first century BCE. This post is not about a new, best seller, Sci Fi or Cooking (the categories that get most traffic on this blog.) 1,172 more words