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Leicester Pride 2014

30th of August 2014, Leicester saw the return of Gay Pride, I decided to take a few photos of my day with fellow friends.

Gay Pride is an event/ festival where people attend to show their support for gay rights; unfortunately some people feel that being gay is wrong when actually it is just a natural part of life, no one should feel that they can’t love who over they want just because they are of the same sex. 80 more words


The Secret Life of a Personal Trainer

Dear Diary,

I was very naughty and ate my bodyweight in chocolate this week. In the time span of three days.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit and I didn’t eat 60kg in chocolate, but it certainly felt like it. 361 more words


Airing My Dirty Laundry

TW for talk of suicide

Since writing (or being featured in) a number of pieces recently about mental health this week – namely, this one… 1,175 more words

valiakohnahawake reblogged this on Opinionated Ms Me and commented:

As ever, brilliant. I want to share my laundry with the world too - and if that stops me from getting jobs or I lose a few friends - fuck them! I'm enough as I am, and my depression isn't going to ever disappear - it's part of who I am and I have to deal with that. So if it makes you feel uncomfortable that I'm depressed - you can just go ahead and leave my life - because I don't need you. I have enough on my plate.

Monday Morning Jams

Newly obsessed with this song. Needed to share with EVERYONE. It’s a typical saccharine, girl-power anthem and it totally reminds me of the Spice Girl era (in all the best ways). 52 more words


Oops....I did it again!

Good Evening, Morning and Afternoon Bloggers,

I am so sorry. I did it again. I was doing really well for a couple of days and then I failed at my promise :( But, I promise, I have a good reason! 226 more words

Thot curved Parsons

My heart is sinking a little bit for Chandler Parsons. Granted he should have know what to expect whether its bad or good. I was gonna say I hope he learned his lesson until he stated that this was not his first rodeo. 35 more words