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Beginning Again: A Cycle Considering Self and No-Self

This looks like the first post. Relative to present time, it is. But this isn’t the first post relative to the past. This is an illusion created by ignorance. 513 more words


Thich Nhat Hanh on No Self

Meditating upon this for a couple of years now, I was absolutely delighted to come across this little question and answer session with Thay back in 2010.  25 more words


Article1: Behind the Masks: Moshe Feldenkrais and Buddha Insights

Moshe Feldenkrais greatly influenced my personal development as a balanced person of the universe. But he was not a religious man, and never to my knowledge admitted to being on a spiritual pathway. 2,533 more words

the hide-and-seek game

POSTCARD #85: Delhi: The house seems different; everywhere there’s the sound of Thai voices like the songs of birds echoing off the walls, ceilings and tiled floor. 693 more words

The 'now' Moment


For me, ‘self’ is a vulnerable, unstable, temporary construct – yet one we are still programmed to develop, and as real as anything in the apparent world.  343 more words


In the first place, contemporary Western views have been unable to articulate together the loss of foundations for the self and for the world. There is no methodological basis for a middle way between objectivism and subjectivism (both forms of absolutism). 153 more words

The Embodied Mind