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Actually, no

This is the daily prompt today: Do you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto, “no pain, no gain?” Is it impossible to attain greatness without considerable hardship? 766 more words

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No gains without pains

Daily Prompt: Pains and gains

“If little labour, little are our gains:     
Man’s fate is according to his pains.”   

— Hesperides 752.

“No pain no gain”  This Looks absolutely correct in today’s scenario  Look around you. 371 more words


Does pain really equal gain!?

The saying “No Pain, No Gain” is quite common and where it may ring true for some, it definitely does not ring true for me. 543 more words

Daily Prompt

Pains and gains

Being a great writer was never going to be possible, my life has been too stress-free. Songwriter, artist, these were also out of the question. How could I achieve greatness in these fields if I had nothing to rebel or get angry at. 287 more words


Your move, chief.

When I was young I played a lot of roleplaying games, both pen-and-paper and on the computer. One core concept of those games was experience. The more your character in the game did things, the more experience he gained, and the more powerful he became. 322 more words

Daily Prompt

Pain is not always physical

 Most of the greatest things that have happened to me are all with some price, not so much dollar price or sore muscles as Jane Fonda suggests, but more the impressions that are constantly molding my heart and mind. 299 more words

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