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Having a conscious of no expectations.

Do you ever question…like why do people think that married people should act a certain way?  Or assume promiscuous behaviour of a single woman in her 30’s?  450 more words


Disappointment. We are all human and humans deal with every emotion including disappointment. But, before you live another minute, I am here to tell you that there is a way to live without it, or more realistically live without a substantial amount of it. 586 more words


Some days feel centuries old,
Out in the snow all wet and cold,
Some days feel shiny and new,
Warm in an embrace of a morning dew. 32 more words


When Comedy Kills

I once read that clowns (or comedians) are at an disadvantage as they cannot cry or be sad at any point in their career. (or something to that extent) Their careers are based on making others laugh. 445 more words


Why I Decided to "Come Out"

As a rule, I don’t blog or tweet or talk about work with “friends or family”. I mean, I do, but not in-depth conversations unless it includes milestone-ic events such as a raise or a new job. 459 more words


Insert Clever Title Here

So I guess I should start off with how people are connecting today in all parts of the world. Whether you are from the western hemisphere or from the eastern hemisphere, people are socializing more often and making friends over any distance. 466 more words


Whoa. Who Saw THAT Coming!

I got on my blog today, like I always do, duh, despite the multiple notifications I get from both my phone and laptop via email, sigh at times I think they both try to compete with one another. 216 more words