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Nina (Goran Hrubi on Flickr a.k.a Kizotina on DeviantArt)

No excuses for leaving this as one long post, and not putting the images together as a click-on gallery. For me they represent the greatest demonstration of a father’s love for his daughter that you can find on all the various online image-library sites. 65 more words

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Fall window--night view

The clothing will be changed tomorrow but this gives a better idea. It’s just long strips of burlap tied with shorter strips of different fabrics. It looked like an arts and crafts project when we were doing it but I think it has a lot of impact (even though you can’t see it too well in daylight.


Cooler Weather and September Issues!

Although I am sad summer is over, that sadness is tempered by the fact that all the lovely September issue fashion magazines are out! I pretty much only buy mags in September and get all my fashion news on,one for the rest of the year. 290 more words

Fashion And Style

Fall window

I like to call myself the Artistic Director of my favorite boutique, Coco in Upper Montclair. In reality I just do the windows. The fall window is more crafty than arty but it turned out well. 21 more words


"And you cannot go on indefinitely, being just an ordinary, decent egg."

“And you cannot go on indefinitely, being just an ordinary, decent egg.” by skclaire 

C.S. Lewis was right: you’ve got to set yourself apart from others in the best way possible…which is exactly what you can do in these comfortable pieces that are perfect for a day at the Farmer’s Market. 120 more words

Tip Top Nails Competition

I learned from Wonderful Wolf, a fellow nail blogger that Tip Top Nails, a South African nail polish company is hosting a nail art competition on their facebook page.  215 more words

Nail Polish