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VOGUE In Egypt

Because Egypt is full of beautiful sights and great gems for fashion photography, I decided to go through the fashion photography that was captured in Egypt and I’m starting by sharing some fashion photography that was published in different VOGUE magazines. 78 more words


Groan. Ranulf.

Groan. Ranulf wouldn’t admit to himself that the giant crocodile was actually eating him alive. He was in deNile!

A Musing

vidalia goddess lust of the ingrate

the vidalia goddess of generosity and warmth spotted

me. she spotted me
and told me that maze of which I have been unconditional is inverted… 63 more words


Ancient Evenings: The Allure of Egyptian Culture

We often think of Western obsession with the ancient civilizations of the Nile as having two peaks. Firstly, there was the massive interest sparked by discovery of the Rosetta Stone by the French in 1799, the tri-lingual inscription on which lead to the first modern decryption of hieroglyphics. 441 more words


me mum told me i am attracted to damaged goods…..


do you think she is right?


HAHAHAHA u callin me damaged or what


am i?


are you?



i return to home, homes, places that i called my own. 

Houses, homes.

i see the lives i have touched. Lives, a life.

the nostalgia takes over and memories brew like coffee. 45 more words


Swingy Thingies

One of the most entertaining and refreshing aspects of working with a great editor is sometimes you spend a whole night discussing swingy thingies.
Which disproves the old legend that authors and editors are often at odds, and engage in fiery discussions. 378 more words