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For there are two kinds of suffering and sufferers. “Those who suffer from the superabundance of life” make suffering an affirmation in the same way as they make intoxication an activity; in the laceration of Dionysus they recognise the extreme form of affirmation, with no possibility of subtraction, exception or choice.

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Gilles Deleuze

Toward the Lateral-Thinking

“The world is neither true nor real but living. And the living world is will to power, will to falsehood, which is actualised in many different powers. 112 more words

Gilles Deleuze

The Dionysian and the Apollonian in Nietzsche: The Birth of Tragedy

Alexander Gatherer
Cardiff University


The opposing concepts of the Dionysian (DI) and Apollonian (AP) are central themes within Nietzsche’s first major work, The Birth of Tragedy… 1,985 more words


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The Choice: what to think about

The Place: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Story: Three years after my liberal arts education at Dartmouth, I learned that the more I know, the more I know how  764 more words


From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 42

Is this continuum contingent on a goal, point, reason, meaning, purpose? Do I set the confines of this problem, situation? Have I set the boundaries which cannot be crossed and nothing set up against them? 313 more words

amor fati

- love of fate

Nietzsche proposed the phrase as an alternative to ‘memento mori’, which means “remember you must die.” He that that ‘amor fati’ was more life-affirming. 71 more words

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