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Nicholas Czardas - what a fraud!

Every now and again in life, some complete dickhead comes along wanting to be something he’s not and trying to do something he can’t.

He’s obviously middle aged, jobless, doesn’t own a computer at home, has no family or friends and makes up shit to make himself look like he’s somebody important – but in reality he is nothing but a fraud and a charlatan who has lost his business, (if he ever had one to begin with – probably was in jail that is why he disappeared); can’t make a go of it and has dreams of grandeur, but in reality is a complete loser.   1,005 more words



nicholas: Your just-woke-up face is one of my favourites, and the bed hair from a lunchtime bath made it even more special. You are quite happy to zone out with the boys on the couch while you wake up properly, then it’s time to play and explore and eat and chat and yell and sing and crawl and bike ride and read some more.  272 more words


Lush Fridays

If blush hues aren’t, then what is. Everyone’s into muted tones and blush isn’t going anywhere else, not soon, i think. The sweet shades has been done so many times and so as this one but you know how pleasing and irresistible this looks. 188 more words

Nicholas & Jennifer

This illustration was painted for my good friend Jennifer Versluis and her fiance Nicholas Fortosis for their wedding shower. 

Copyright Amy DeCaussin 2014. All Rights Reserved.


Nicholas: Get the job done

Champions League: I’d be amazed if Celtic don’t qualify now, says Charlie Nicholas Sky Sports pundit confident SPFL side will reach the group stages of the competition By Charlie Nicholas

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Epiphany on Tygerberg

We have been going through a season of big changes. Vincent becoming part of our lives, Pravani learning to balance motherhood and work, and I am finding my feet in Digital Strategy. 418 more words