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West African locals quarantined at gunpoint grow desperate for food rations as Ebola continues to ravage the region

By L.J. Devon, Staff Writer – Natural News 

(Natural News) What were once robust West African villages are now being reduced to ghost towns, as if a nuclear disaster had stricken the area. 526 more words

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Severe Storms May Threaten Labor Day Weekend From Kansas to Minnesota

By Alex Sosnowski

As a storm system moves out of the northern Rockies this weekend, it may trigger a severe weather outbreak on Sunday that includes the risk of a few tornadoes in portions of the northern and central Plains to the Upper Midwest. 312 more words

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Volcanoes Today, 29 Aug 2014: Bardarbunga volcano, Slamet

Bardarbunga (Iceland): No significant changes have occurred today.
During an overflight this morning, no changes to the ice crevasses and cauldrons southeast of the Bárðarbunga caldera detected yesterday were seen. 349 more words

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Georgia Sheds Light On The Definition Of La Pierre's Words Of A "Good Guy With A Gun"

The president of the NRA has famously said “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  Let us say for just one minute that he is correct.  674 more words


Volcanic activity worldwide 27 Aug 2014: Stromboli volcano, Bárdarbunga

Bárdarbunga (Iceland): The intense seismic crisis caused by a significant laterally migrating magma intrusion continues to evolve with little changes.
Earthquake activity has been a bit weaker yesterday, only to pick up again today. 596 more words

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Before We Get Involved In Another War, Congress Needs To Vote On It And Say How They Will Pay For It

The right-wing war hawks are revving up again.  The usual actors are calling for a “big war plan” against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.  Heck even Paul Ryan said that the U.S. 992 more words


What You Should Know on Women's Equality Day

Women’s Inequality Day is recognized around the world as a day to raise awareness about the very real and negative effects of inequalities between men and women. 291 more words