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How democracy in South Africa is being nursed along

Following the publication of my post yesterday about the ANC’s shocking understanding of democracy, it has occurred to me that democracy is being kept alive on life support. 144 more words

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Patriotism, Business, and Political Points of View

What is patriotism? What is the first image that pops into your head? For people of my end of the generation, born pre to 1970, the vast majority will have images of the flag, Statue of Liberty, the Norman Rockwell paintings of patriots marching in a colonial day parade, etc. 1,023 more words

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reid says when the president gets a plan in place for isis in syria congress may give okay

making it known that it will take time for the u.s can not just march troops into syria to take care of isis for the president stated still forming and deciding the best course of how to handle isis in syria which the president ideal thing would be the u.s forming and helping a coalition of the countries isis is threating by as one susggest arm like the kurds in iraq and also train the troops. 126 more words

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Call Off The Referendum. This Is No Good

Call Off The Referendum. This Is No Good:

You will receive your postal ballot papers. On them is a desperate plea to return them immediately. Big mistake if you do. 102 more words

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The Lust for “Debate”

We as a people spend too much time coming to forums where we need to learn and do serious work together, hyped up for “debate.” Its the same impulse that makes some of our young smack someone and run and film it.

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The “Translation” Problem

Those of us who are gifted and blessed to have education, and skills, and spiritual enlightenment of some sort sometimes get a bit arrogant and egotistical when we have that gift and act like well “I can do this or I do this, therefore, everyone else can or should”.

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August 28, 2014 (4804-08282014)

As of this very noon hour of this very day today Thursday, August 28, 2014, the coward of the group of life-long habitual career criminals of the habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy harlot and her habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy accomplice drug addict friends laying upon her back cowering behind her electronic camera pretentiously pretending to be “working” upon the eyes of the sun whom in reality is doing nothing less than actively committing the crime of “cyber stalking” and “eavesdropping” and “spying” upon the soul and his people and I and the various other innocent unsuspecting citizens of the public at large I innocently see and or come into contact with throughout my day, steeling my own and others personal details and information from me and other innocent unsuspecting citizens I innocently see and or come into contact with through my day as she and her friends repeatedly disrupts the moments of our day repeatedly bothering my eyes and vision as she simultaneously awaits her and her friends opportunity to victimize those whom they are criminally spying upon, is STILL refusing to electronically disconnect the electrical items and devices and illegal drug cooking paraphilia from the living aura and various living chakras of soul known to be emanating from MY flesh and bone bodily head and eyes (my crown chakra) and has again cowardly resumed using the assortment of items to cowardly cause such severe heat and sweating upon my flesh and bone bodily head that number one, she is causing severe dehydration from sweating within MY flesh and bone body, and two, she is once again cowardly risking MY health and life to the possibility of having a severe and or life threateningly critical or simply fatal all together “heat stroke” from the severity of the heat she is so very cowardly causing, and her current excuse is that she is going to continue cooking her illegal drugs upon MY flesh and bone bodily crown chakra whether I like it or not. 1,649 more words

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