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This, Too Shall Pass

I suppose I’ve been whining a lot lately about the crap-ass job I felt forced to accept (just to, you know, eat and stuff) while I continued to look for something better. 910 more words


Nadia Prupis: Decade of Court Cases Quietly Wiped from Online Database.

PACER removes electronic copies of cases from five US courts with no warning in ‘upgrade’ to new system

A decade of records from four U.S. appeals courts and one bankruptcy court were lost earlier this month when the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) quietly deleted a massive amount of data that was “incompatible” with an impending upgrade. 639 more words

Social Justice

Is It Time to Quit Facebook?

When researchers from Facebook and Cornell University published their findings on emotional contagion among Facebook users (PDF) last month, they did so in the matter-of-fact language of social scientists: “The experiment manipulated the extent to which people were exposed to emotional expressions in their News Feed.” The Internet was beside itself. 368 more words

Opinion Leaders

Is this REALLY where we should be spending all that money?

News came out today that Bill and Melinda Gates have made a $1 million donation to support a Washington state bill that would require background checks on all gun purchases.   458 more words

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