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FAR BEYOND THE palms was the sea, restless and cruel; it was never calm, but always rough with waves and strong currents. In the silence of the night its roar could be heard some distance inland, and in that deep voice there was a warning, a threat. 582 more words


THE VALLEY LAY far below and was filled with the activity of most valleys. The sun was just setting behind the distant mountains, and the shadows were dark and long. 426 more words



Grading, ranks and belts are not commonly found in a taijiquan school.

In principle, hierarchy, standards, charting progress and everything being in its proper place is more indicative of a Confucian approach rather than a taoist one.

Newcastle Tai Chi


Taijiquan involves the cultivation of moment-by-moment awareness, paying attention to what is taking place as it is taking place.
Unlike mainstream meditation, this does not involve sitting. 29 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi

Holistic health

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi lists 8 ingredients that promote good health:

  1. Awareness (including mindfulness & focussed attention)
  2. Intention
  3. Structural integration (including dynamic form & function)
  4. 35 more words
Newcastle Tai Chi