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Breastfeeding and PND

It’s in the news today that a major study has found that women who breastfeed are 50% less likely to have postnatal depression (PND) than those who choose not to, but those women who plan to breastfeed and are unable to achieve their breastfeeding goals, are twice as likely to get PND compared to the mothers who simply choose to not breastfeed. 501 more words




Now that my son has officially passed the baby stage, he is settling into toddlerhood right on schedule.

It’s amazing how babies grow so fast within the first few years and it’s also amazing how fast they learn and pick up on everything. 409 more words

Fantasy Literature

World Breastfeeding Week, 1-7 Aug

On the 15th anniversary World Breastfeeding Week, 1-7 August, UNICEF says initiating breastfeeding within one hour of birth could greatly reduce neonatal deaths 375 more words

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6 Tips for Modifying Your Class for Pregnant Students

Not everyone is interested in teaching prenatal yoga classes, but chances are, if you’re offering asana classes that are open to the public, you’ll find yourself teaching pregnant students at some point. 1,518 more words


20 Weeks

I am just a few days over 20 weeks pregnant. I had a panic attack at work because something felt wrong and I couldn’t figure out what it was. 169 more words

Personal Diary

Fathers, to my postpartum wife

The art of fathering comes from experience and through modeling from the nurturing skills of mothers before us. When you and your partner work together from the moment of conception (i.e., attending childbirth classes together, interviewing care givers like doctors/midwives) till the baby is growing and needing both of your time, your mothering is easy and your marriage grows stronger. 624 more words


Maybe It's His Cheeks

Just what is it about little boys? Before I had E and was head over heels with my little Haley, I had many women who had little boys tell me, “There is just something about little boys”. 926 more words