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Lord Cornbury wore women's clothing. Or maybe he didn't. (1703-08)

Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury is perhaps the most infamous of all New Jersey’s governors. He was the first royal governor appointed directly by the crown and is presumed to have had an affinity to wear women’s clothing. 492 more words

Jeremiah Basse was unskilled and unlucky. (East and West Jersey, 1698-99)

Jeremiah Basse served as governor while Andrew Hamilton had his Scottish question cleared up. (Parliament had enacted a law that presumably only allowed natural born Englishmen to serve as governors.) Basse’s tenure – all 20 months of it –  is considered to have been pretty terrible for New Jersey. 268 more words

Building a casino in North Jersey is a terrible idea. It'll probably happen anyway.

The New York Times reports on a proposed “vision” for a mega-casino in the Meadowlands. The plans call for “a Las Vegas-style casino, two 1,000-room hotels, a one-million-square-foot convention center and a youth sports center at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, less than nine miles west of Manhattan.” 1,209 more words

Pub 199

I have never seen more excess, more mess, and more All-American insanity than I experienced first-greasy-hand at Pub 199.

A legendary spectacle, this super-sized seafood spot is said to have started when a local began taking his pickup truck out to the shore at sunrise and packing it to the gills with the first catch of the day, which he bought up in full from the local fishermen. 525 more words

Olivia Isenhart

American Dictators

NJ Spotlight points out American Dictators by Steven Hart. I was reading it but put it down temporarily in order to finish Inside Newark by Robert Curvin. 60 more words

Edmund Andros was a jerk (East and West Jersey, 1674-81, 1688-89)

Edmund Andros was the ostensible governor of New Jersey for a time as well as New York. He was tasked by James II to consolidate some of the colonies and was resented for attempting to do so. 204 more words