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Second Half of August 2014: More intense than the first!

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This is for my readers who, from 5D HighHeart awareness feel/sense/know that something big is up with me now. I’ve always felt all of you but I know more and more are feeling me now too as this is a primary aspect of what life, consciousness, reality and being is within a fifth dimensional (5D) level and frequency of being. 2,083 more words

New Consciousness, New Worlds

Shift to August & Severity of August 4, 2014

Team Light Shutting Down most of Team Dark’s Timelines

As is usually the case, the energies scream a bit louder and more intensely every time we transition from one month and enter the next one. 2,516 more words

New Consciousness, New Worlds

Experiencing any Mid-July Time Distortions?

First I need to apologize for the problems with a link in the July 17th article Mid-July Changes  to The 12 Labors of Humanity within the NEW. 1,919 more words

New Consciousness, New Worlds

Mid-July 2014 Changes

In January of 2014 I perceived some information that, at that time, I only partly understood and attempted to convey in an article then. Seven months into 2014 and I’m certain I still only understand a fraction of that beautifully vast and complex information I perceived at the start of 2014! 1,274 more words

New Consciousness, New Worlds