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The cockroach

Well things aren’t great. They aren’t awful, and have been far worse before, but they’re still not exactly great.

I know I’m hard on myself at times, and sometimes I know I’m hard on you. 194 more words

Beware of the Expiration Dates

Hey guys! If you have been consuming expired food, now it is time to think twice before doing so. Do check out this article NOW as it is worth reading. 258 more words


Back on the Horse!

Every one of us know what it’s like to neglect something we once held dear and important to us. The busyness of life and the demands upon us sometimes cause us to let go of things that are actually really important to our well being and the development of ourselves. 47 more words


Keep The Faith

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments in your life. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end. — Unknown



It feels like lately all I seem to be doing is waiting.

My life has undergone some unexpected changes in the last year. It’s safe to say this time last year I was much happier than I am now. 1,407 more words


5 tips to chasing your dreams, from a dream chaser

I know all too well about chasing dreams. Especially how leaping through major jumps are more regular than one would assume, when it comes to chasing dreams. 613 more words

About Me

Fall Off The Wagon? Don't Pack it in.

To summarize a previous blog entry, I ran a learn to run program in July and August of 2011, completed the 5k that I had targeted that fall, and lost a little over 20 pounds in the process.  679 more words