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Liveblog - Catherine Cronin keynote at #altc #altc2014

For one day only I’m at The University of Warwick for the ALT-c conference where I’m speaking on OER Impact Map.   (You can access my slides for today… 666 more words


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Communities of Practice

The notion of Communities of Practice (CoPs) is one which has attracted a good deal of attention over the past few years. Eckert (2006, p1), defines CoPs as consisting of groups of people who are “engaged on an ongoing basis in some common endeavour”. 1,401 more words


02 - Network Topology

Terdapat dua kategori untuk topologi dari suatu jaringan :

  • Physical Topology
  • Logical Topology

Terdapat perbedaan penting diantara keduanya. Physical Topology adalah jaringan yang dapat terlihat dan bagaimana semua kabel dan perangkat dapat terkoneksi satu sama lainnya. 667 more words


Internet and Network Marketing Tips On How To Achieve Success

The benefits of using the internet to market your business are endless. Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity.  There are a ton of benefits to marketing on the internet. 535 more words


August Meetup Recap: Optimizing LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

When talking social media you hear a lot about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram but there is less discussion on LinkedIn as a business development channel.  However, for many businesses it is, and can easily become, the most lucrative social media channel.   497 more words

01 - The OSI Reference Model

Ketika pertama kali dalam sejarah ditemukannya jaringan, komputer dapat saling berkomunikasi dari satu ke komputer lainnya, terkendala yang hanya dalam satu pabrikan. Untuk contohnya, perusahaan… 777 more words


Unprepared at the right time? 3 reasons why you're missing out on great opportunities

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing in my school’s main office talking to one of my teachers about an upcoming school assembly, at which students would be encouraged to showcase their talents. 1,035 more words