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Dutch supermarkets move to ban sweets from check-outs

Crazy; that’s the most profitable part of a grocery store!

Three big Dutch supermarket chains are working on plans to stop placing sweets and chocolate close to their cash registers in an effort to stimulate last-thought buys.

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What stats can and can't tell you

There are many ways of doing history. One is to formulate a hypothesis about past behaviour, possibly based on theories about the present, then collect large amounts of data and test the hypothesis using statistics. 880 more words

#EngKnowledge: Sweden's and Netherlands' English Fluency

So, does anyone know which countries that speak English well despite it is their second language?

@arifdarmawan88: India?” Yes, anywhere else?

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This is one city that deserves the exclamation mark every time at its end! From all you know about it with the liberal stand on drugs, legalised prostitution and refreshing view on gay rights this city is so much more. 2,062 more words

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Feeling better about Dutch prospects? Or worse about Chinese efforts?

I received a notice from Utrecht City through my letter slot with this title:

“Opruimactie weesfietsen wijk Noordoost”

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