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Manually Register NetApp VSC on Win2k12 R2

I was doing some lab work today when I ran across an issue with Windows Server 2012 R2 and the NetApp Virtual Storage Console 5.0 installation. 249 more words


Introducing Wafl: the new Consistency Points

Perviously, the check ConsistencyPoints could be used to monitor the performance based on cp (consistency points) per second. The new check Wafl incorporates this function and is now available in check_netapp_pro. 266 more words

NetApp Monitoring

Death by 1,000 cuts: Mainstream storage array suppliers are bleeding

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Great beasts can be killed by a 1,000 cuts, bleeding to death from the myriad slashes in their bodies – none of which, on their own, is a killer. 40 more words

Software Defined Storage

How to Setup CIFS Share on NetApp Data ONTAP Cluster Mode

Recently, we had a post about setting up an NFS datastore from NetApp CDOT, wherein we used CLI to get things done. Now on this post, we’re going to learn how to setup a CIFS share from NetApp Data ONTAP Cluster mode simulator – again, using CLI. 436 more words

Edwin Laguni

Script to check and alert VSCAN services for NetApp

In my previous blog, I’ve shared a script to check CAVA services. That post inspired me to work on NetApp’s Vscan alerting script!!

Vscan command in NetApp 7Mode 8.1.x has very less options or switches to check whether AV server and its storage services are running or not. 316 more words


Fix NFS Exports Permission on a New NetApp Data ONTAP Cluster Mode

In our last technical post where we learned how to setup a VMware NFS datastore in NetApp CDOT, everything was ok and we’ve got ourselves a working NFS datastore. 277 more words

Edwin Laguni

Public Service Announcement

You map a CIFS share.
You mount an NFS export.
You present an iSCSI/FC LUN.

That is all for today.