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Web site hoarding continued


A few lucky favorited topics have stayed consistently interesting to me. Most of my saved music resources are still just as valuable now as there were a few years ago. 261 more words


Who is the Architect?

Aesthetics and Message

Why do we care about art? Why do we thirst for beauty?

Is it all about aesthetics? Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about the message? 108 more words


Welcome Back, Sailor Senshi

After numerous years of watching countless Anime, I still remember Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura being my first ever encounters of Japanese animation; of course I was a huge Pokemon fan, but we’ll skip over that. 363 more words


My Dream Girl

People ask me all the time, and by people I mean Brian asks me all the time, “Matt what is your dream girl like.” Now the lame truth is up until recently (the past few years) I hadn’t really thought about it. 546 more words


Latest Reading Pile: Fall 2014

Here are my to-reads for the early fall:

My #readwomen2014 count for this batch is ok: three out of six authors, plus many more in the anthology. 16 more words


What this blog is about

I know technically I could add an about section (maybe I will at a later date) and I know I have a nice little summary under the blogs title, but I feel I should go a bit more in-depth on the purpose of this blog. 267 more words


Bundling is Fun

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