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Video: Mockery doesn't work on real gamers #gamergate

I think I’m in love with this man. He doesn’t put up with any bullshit.

And this fake attack, new gamer term thing might be going down tomorrow. 9 more words

England already HAS a Bill of Rights

The next step of control in the UK is making sure this fact stays buried.
Please, if you are in a position, share this fact, even if it does not link to me. 143 more words


The Signalling Caliph: Neoreaction, Iraq, and the Islamic State

Following the Vice documentary on life under the Islamic State, lots of questions are being asked regarding the propaganda being put out by the servants of Caliph Ibrahim, particularly since it is considered some of the most sophisticated promotion of radical Islamism ever seen. 2,458 more words

Brainwashing has no need for critical thinking

Why do liberals love University and Muslims?

It sounds like a strange question at first, but think about it. There must be an ideological root in neoliberalism or progressivism. 928 more words

Game Review: Slut Quest by Puerarchy

Found at http://slutquest.puerarchy.com/

4/5 would bang

This inspirational panfeminist masterpiece transcends vindictive patriarchal norms as the player is immersed into the daily struggles of sluthood. The programming is a retro homage to the ways liberal women in STEM are kept repressed by masculine computer languages, under the jackboot of The Man, crushing cosmopolitan worldviews underfoot and burning the Third World for oil. 197 more words

Swedish feminists are trying to rebrand the hymen and lie about virginity


I went looking for this material because I came across a discussion including the term ‘corona’ and wondered how on Earth I could fail to know a part of female anatomy being both female and a studier of (real) anatomy. 1,297 more words