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Who am I?

I’m your typical lonely, depressed and introverted teenager.
I am extremely fascinated and passionate about the occult.

I aspire to become a practicing magickian in the future. 54 more words

Pagan Churches & Rewilding Witchcraft

I’ve been thinking about Thelemic churches. The founders of these churches call them Gnostic churches, but that’s a front for OTO stuff adapted for the general public, as well as an “outer organization” for anyone interested in being initiated into the OTO or possibly the A.’.A.’.. 2,078 more words

Healing Spell Mix

Healing Spell Mix $5.00 each In stock

With the full moon fast approaching on September 9th, now is the perfect time to order your healing spell mixes! 26 more words

Gods & Goddesses


The superficiality of man is drowned in the light, it has nowhere to go. The clouds are gone and we can see again, start a new day and herald a new beginning. 1,225 more words


Elixir of the Gods

More, I give you more, so much more. Take this and run with it as far as it will go, do not hesitate, just roll, go with the flow of your life and never halt, never hinder. 825 more words


Pagan proud

There are hundreds of them, millions of them, they transverse the globe caring for all of those in need. Like brothers and sisters of light they lead the revolution, the light revolution to change and configure the world. 808 more words


Loaf Mass Blessings, Strumpets!

I live in a place where history is a constant companion. There is no place where this isn’t true, but York, and Yorkshire in general feels haunted, submerged in the past, and this inspires me.   383 more words