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Spite House

Some years ago a wealthy man tried to sell a block of land in an exclusive part of New York City. It was a hundred feet long but only five feet wide, and his neighbours, realizing no-one else would want it, would only offer him a rock bottom price. 106 more words


Neighbours logos

And also some Neighbours logos too :)

Dark Nights

A photo taken on 29 August 2014 showing the lack of lighting (just one outdoor light) down the side of both blocks of flats leading to the car park and additional flats. 65 more words


Keeping Up

Today’s prompt:

Keeping up with the Joneses.


August 31, 2014: A Kind Word

I ran into my neighbour who was out walking her dog.  In amidst the local gossip, she invited me to the gym to participate in a weight class she attends.  73 more words


Road kill

Something is not quite right when you’re on holiday and you find pavements more interesting than the scenery. 618 more words