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The difference between being positive and being happy

Every so often, we need a reminder to remain positive.

Today, for me, that reminder came in the form of someone special telling me to stop doubting myself and to believe good things will happen because if I do, they will happen. 382 more words


Transforming the Troll

Sometimes I truly am baffled by the negativity being shared by some people. On social media mostly, but in the news and the everyday ‘real’ world too. 480 more words



The world is full of judgemental people and we all must have experienced them one time or the other in our lives. Whether a boss, co-worker, family member, church member, religious people, friend, partner or perhaps, a passing stranger, once they are judgmental, they always have some critical remarks and judgement on everything we do, be it  right or wrong. 793 more words


The Power of Positivity

A trend has struck the blogging community: negativity.

The “You’re doing it Wrong” title can be found everywhere from BuzzFeed to Forbes. Instead of offering readers advice and insight, authors are going straight for the kill: we know more than you and here’s why. 155 more words

Social Media

I wasn't sure where to post this but I guess here works...Is being called 'nice' now an insult?

In my English classes at school our teacher wouldn’t allow us to use the word ’nice’ as an adjective. Of course the objective of this instruction was to encourage an exploration of vocabulary, not to form a negative response to the word ’nice’ into adulthood. 488 more words

Ignore The Noise

Since I started my fitness journey, I have dealt with negative comments and looks of disgust and comments of “ew, gross”. No matter how confident a person is, the accumulation of these sorts of comments can wear you out. 390 more words

Positivity Journal

I usually apologize when I haven’t been on here (or anywhere) for a while. I’m not going to do that this time. I’ll explain, and explaining will (eventually) get me to the title of this post. 2,049 more words