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Crushing the life from me;
Your last farewell.
Indelible fingers laced around my neck,
musical fingers you would play the guitar with and make me, 111 more words



Deep breath, in.


deep breathe, out. 

hold. hold. hold.

My heart pounds harder and harder trying to disperse the oxygen throughout my body, but can’t because I am cutting off it’s supply. 117 more words



Some things will just never come back…especially if we lock them up in a place we wish never to return to.

My Art

the neck

Human body parts. So underrated.

(all of my works can be found on my tumblr and some in better resolution on my dA)

My Art


Many times I tried to express my love for not just the surface of a human being.

My Art


Have I mentioned how much of a soft spot I have for human necks? And since I’m into men…

Anyway, it might be because of that thing I once heard about Japanese culture – that they find female necks and wrists especially appealing and thus the geisha make-up takes special care of those parts. 113 more words

My Art

Reflections on Reflections

My neck doesn’t match my face. For some unknown reason, the skin on my face looks smooth and fresh while my neck looks wrinkly and tired. 469 more words

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