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Here by Choice

According to what you have been saying, we are all sons of God, and thus we are all completely evolved souls from our beginning. How, then, can we become UNaware of our completeness by the action of taking on a physical body and living in (what appears to be) a physical environment?

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J Douglas Bottorff

A story about the long shadow of war

I’m pleased to announce that the ebook version of my second novella Blue Moon for Bombers was published today. Set in England 2007, with flashbacks to the 1940s, the story explores the psychological aftermath of World War Two interwoven with a modern romance. 617 more words


The Near Death Experience (Film)

This video explores the commonalities of the Near Death Experience and its possible implications and meanings for us while we reside on this planet.


The Question of Reincarnation

Question: Since you believe the soul is complete, that it is not evolving, does this mean you don’t believe in reincarnation?

This question came via email some time ago.

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Brinton, Maryland
Present Day

Ray Mazaris pumped his legs furiously for the last quarter mile. Just over a minute later, he stopped, panting and wheezing at the end of the track in front of the piled up hurdles. 529 more words


Somedays I'd rather just be dead again

Everything threw me for a loop this week and, even though I’m not a big fan of all this up and down and sideways, I understand that everything is a process.   1,498 more words

Deep Thoughts...well, Maybe Not THAT Deep...