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The E(nemma)ys

You know I love television, I’ve promoted its cultural, psychological, and physical benefits   here in this blog enough.  You know that.  But the Emmys are the one exception.   496 more words


CBS Fall TV Scoops: Big Road Trip, POI Problems, Defiant Good Wife and More

As a little aperitif three weeks before it uncorks Premiere Week , CBS has officially revealed the premiere loglines for several of its shows.

Which… 545 more words


Exclusive: LL Cool J Tells DJ Flexx His New Album is for 'People Who Like Hard Hip-Hop'

LL Cool J is a busy man.  From his successful acting gig on “NCIS: Los Angeles” to his 13 past albums, the rap superstar is a legend in the entertainment industry. 603 more words


NCIS, I wrote a scene for you!

I watch NCIS. I’m planning to watch NCIS: New Orleans. This is because I watch TV shows a grandma would like.

Over the course of several years of loyal viewership, I’ve decided that the formula for NCIS hinges on writing as though the audience is composed primarily of elderly people who have lost some or all of their eyesight, may not be native English speakers, and are fascinated by the technology they heard about on 60 Minutes. 294 more words

Writer's Journal

Addiction: My List

It’s true.  I’m addicted and I don’t think there’s a rehab that can fix me.  Here are a few of my stranger addictions:

1.  NCIS… 366 more words

Mom Life

Today's Top Story: CBS Is Being Sued Over A Farting Hippopotamus Puppet

Today in legal and/or farting hippopotamus news, a toy-making company named Folkmanis, Inc. is suing CBS for copyright infringement over a plush doll called “Bert the Farting Hippo.” Quick backstory… 301 more words


CBS Sued Over 'NCIS' Farting Hippo Puppet

Bert the Farting Hippo has appeared on the crime show and is sold at the online CBS Store. 434 more words