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Fantasy, farce and folly: Nazis on the big screen

Good news for all you “Iron Sky” fans out there. Filming for the sequel, “Iron Sky: The Coming Race” is due to start next year for release in 2016. 576 more words

Ukraine Has Failed

Klitshko, Hollande, “PORKY” POROSHENKO – The 3 STOOGES

By Jim Kirwan

The first seven minutes on Bulletin Board today clearly shows the evidence of the collapse of Kiev’s so-called armies in the field. 548 more words


American Hitler

I’m in Düsseldorf eyeing the dessert menu and hear myself order an apfelstrudel. My english is slightly tinged by my scandinavian vowels all the way up to the actual word “apfelstrudel”. 225 more words

The Russian Final Solution

From A.I.Fursov at Slavyangrad.org:

Many German politicians outlined the need to oppose Ukraine to Russia, incite the people; in order to do so, it is necessary to cultivate, among the Russian Ukrainians, people with a consciousness, so perverse, that they will begin to hate everything Russian.

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The Easiest Target: Nazis in Wolfenstein, War, and the World

 Wolfenstein: The New Order is a game of killing Nazis. It is also a game about killing Nazis. It is about resistance of totalitarianism, about how and why we fight, and it rests securely on the accepted fact that Nazis are the enemy. 988 more words

Review: Fatherland

Fatherland by Robert Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fatherland was, it seems, first published 1992. The paperback I have, came out in 1993. How I have managed to avoid this one for so long? 641 more words


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The film based on the book came out in 1994.