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dances with rain

cloud dancers are a fabulous bunch;

they never judge a storm.

it’s all about the rhythm, electric,


workin’ it ’til

they’re fully tapped out.



Noted one, june summer,

earth, 2014.



Mental Health

Apples, hornets and apple pie..........

The strange weather conditions of this year have left the orchard looking bedraggled and bewildered.  The spring cherries were waterlogged and the Maytime plums annihilated by hailstorms, now the apples, usually so abundant and wholesome, are rain-damaged and fast being eaten by wasps and hornets.   67 more words


Pine deer

A day in the forest brought an encounter with this ‘endeering’ creature…


An old lady in the garden... and the 700th species on the list

Bourne South Fen, Lincolnshire 23/08/2014

Took a trip to pick up some willow for some small hurdles in the back garden and took the chance to do a plant twitch. 929 more words