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Saturday: LA Skins Music Fest, Featuring Mia Sable and Tha Native

Jason Morgan Edwards


On Saturday, August 30, the 4th Annual LA Skins Music Fest takes place at the Barnsdall Art Park Gallery Theater in Los Angeles. 446 more words


Germany's Fascination With Native American Culture


Above is a picture of the Karl May Museum in Radebeul Germany. Karl May (1842-1912) is a famous German author who wrote several stories about the American Old West.   1,483 more words

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Very interesting how they and other Europeans are fascinated by native cultures all over the world. Here in the US people in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) dress up as anything from ancient Celts to Renaissance French and English, and i doubt the European historians are offended though like you said it is romanticized. I think in this post-modern work where we as the human race have explored and exploited every corner of the globe and the natives who lived and live there we feel some guilt so do honour their memory in these simple and harmless ways. Of course the next step, as many of these actors and re-enactors have done already, is to read the Real anthropological and archeological books about the Real natives, and more especially to read the writings of the remaining natives about their culture. Now regarding the scalps (which the native americans learned to do from the French traders) they should Definitely be returned to the people, though i am sure with the provenance confusing it is hard to determine just where and to whom to return them. Maybe some place in the middle of the country that represents all The People (as the native americans call themselves) that represents all natives of this exploited land. I am going to reblog this MG because i think many important points are made here in your writings and in the video and articles, so thank you from me and my blog followers. Blessings.

Desert Reflections


From the coolness of my mountaintop

I keep an indian-woman’s way of life

My calloused feet walk an earthen dusty floor

Where sunrays flood an open cavern door, 61 more words


Kiowa Fiction: "Our Dance" a Contemporary Native American Story

I’m an emerging Kiowa/Cherokee writer seeking support as I traverse the many obstacles of the publishing industry. A copy of “Our Dance” is only .99 cents–a small amount for an entertaining story about young Kiowas receiving their “per cap.”  If you purchase the story and you enjoy my writing, leave a great review (five stars) and your generous words will help.  173 more words


Nanabozhu Yells At A Truck Driver

Nanabozhu is on his way to Detroit Lakes.

“Can you pull up next to that guy driving that semi?” He rolls down the back passenger side window to the Chrysler Town and Country. 255 more words

American Indian

What am I supposed to do with this?


I am entering another writing challenge hosted by Jay Dee over at “I Read Encyclopedias for Fun”


Here is his challenge:

This time, we have a genre and single line.  1,206 more words

I Read Encyclopedias For Fun

Words and Superstition

Words within a particular culture explain a great deal about what is valued. For instance, snow is highly valued within the Eskimo community. According to the… 338 more words