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National Cathedral To Be Shot With Lasers    The professor-slash-laser shooter claims that the lasers will enable him to produce an incredibly precise 3D map of the cathedral, but what if he’s just a guy who doesn’t like the cathedral and shows up on the first day with a huge laser cannon and proceeds to just blast the living crap out of it?   255 more words

National Cathedral: A Masterpiece Two Centuries in the Making

Lately, I have been unable to get away from George Washington. First, I researched DC’s brewing history, then DC’s distilling history—he played a key role in both. 918 more words

Prayer and serendipity

So we went to the National Cathedral while we were on a family vacation in Washington.  I highly recommend you visit this amazing place if you every have the opportunity.  171 more words

6/10: 百年圣堂 - 国家大教堂 (National Cathedral)


国家大教堂的全称为【华盛顿市教区圣彼得及圣保罗主教座堂】。所谓主教座堂,就是基督教教区体系里一个区的首席教堂。华盛顿的国家大教堂是世界第六,北美第二大的主教座堂。它的宏伟在特区非常显眼:教堂钟楼的地面高度为91米,逊于市中心的方尖碑,但由于教堂建在小丘之上,钟楼顶端的海拔高度206米则是特区的制高点,在周边的马里兰和佛吉尼亚地区都能看见。而教堂东西主轴长有十分之一英里,几乎能把方尖碑放倒了装进去。大教堂全部由石灰岩筑成,石块间用砂浆接合,没有金属或木制的承重结构。这座重达15万吨的圣殿从1907年西奥多罗斯福总统奠基开始, 1977年西墙玫瑰窗在卡特总统和英国女王伊丽莎白二世见证下开光,经过工匠们83年的精雕细琢后,终于于1990年由老布什为其安上了最后一块尖顶石,其间跨越了两次世界大战、美苏争霸、以及15位美国总统。


Work Continues To Repair National Cathedral

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — It’s been three years since the East Coast earthquake struck Maryland and Washington DC. Now work is finally being done to make repairs on one of the capital’s centerpieces. 293 more words


Washington, D.C.: What to See and What to Skip

Everyone knows the basics when it comes to visiting the nation’s capital—see the White House, the Capitol, Supreme Court, the monuments—but the locals know there’s a lot more that is worth checking out. 1,040 more words