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Print of the Month - August

The WW1 narrative continues..

That’s a good first sentence to summarise this print. The lines of soldiers, grim faces with their guns all pointing upwards and forwards create the impression of a war machine. 436 more words

The Rabbits (W)hole

How deep does it really go, not many beings know. This hole constantly spiraling deeper into darkness, the width getting more narrow as time goes on. 514 more words


Value in Eternity

Have you ever thought about where you draw value and worth for yourself? How do you determine what your own value is? Some seek it from the corporate ladder or the military where the office and rank, in their minds, equates to value. 562 more words


Excerpt: Devil's House

A small short story I’ve been tooling around with: A Work in Progress that was abandoned a few years back. I think I am going to try and pick it back up.  585 more words


The End of the "Gamer"

The notion that the “gamer” identity is ending is one Ian Bogost draws upon in his How to Do Things with Videogames (2011), and Patrick Jagoda gestures toward it in his work as well. 60 more words


La Era del Chip

Chile, año 240 D.C. (después del Chip).

Cargando contenido. 70% completado. Max estaba sentado, contemplando la lluvia Santiaguina en Junio. No le incomodaba para nada el clima que a todos los ponía tristes. 1,578 more words


The Significance of Poetry in Narrative

Let me start out by saying that poetry and narrative writing are completely different! But there are techniques/skills we can take away from the process of writing a poem that can positively impact our writing styles. 177 more words

Importance Of Poetry