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Scotland's All Campaign Media Call

What does the Yes campaign have that No doesn’t?

Arguably, No doesn’t have a campaign at all, just a series of commercial relationships with media outlets and one very long smear.  428 more words


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Gospel Oak & Highgate

We can carry on for years and years doing exactly the same thing- and one day, for no apparent reason, something snaps. I will be leaving North London later this month after 10 years here, the past six in the same place. 2,954 more words

More powers for Holyrood? Well, thank you Mr Cameron!

I am sorry Mr Cameron, but I no longer believe any of this stuff about more powers if we vote no. No matter how sincere you and your pro-Unionist colleagues sounded when making the announcement today, I cannot help wondering about the timing of this. 232 more words


Isle of Dogging

Since Nairn mapped the city in 1966, perhaps no part of London has altered as much as the Docklands. A new Tokyo has arisen from the primordial brown water of the Thames, all driverless trains overhead and thrusting glass steeples to Capital, and the wharf warehouses have gone from slums to (like almost all of London) places where only the very, very rich can live. 2,161 more words

Use Your Loaf

By Stewart Bremner

Picture it, if you will. I am standing in a short shop queue waiting my turn to be served, when a man runs past me at full tilt, dropping something as he goes. 874 more words

Austerity Britain

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I come across a lot of very confirmed no voters when out canvassing for the Yes campaign. They are in denial, here in Nairn - they are bit too comfortable in a way and really don't want to see any change. They do not have a clue in reality...and won't talk about it either. It's the No-voter ostrich-syndrome. If you don't confront the issues, the referendum will go away! Sadly, this attitude will derail the very democratic process of determining our future - the future of our country and its inhabitants. When the cuts really bite if the vote is a No, will these people blame themselves? Will they even think about it? I hope they don't go around complaining and whingeing about the government in Westminster after a No vote because in voting no, we will have voted for whatever Westminster decides to throw at us in cuts, austerity and overbearing government. This article from Bella Caledonia sums it up well and demonstrates how dysfunctional the UK system has become and it is ordinary folks like you and I that are paying the price. The Westminster establishment is not working for ordinary Britain or Scotland. Time to vote Yes and be able to vote for the government that best suits Scotland and give some regions of England the chance to re-balance power too. Anyway, please take a little time to read this article...and have a wee think about it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin'

The topic for this week’s DP Weekly Photo Challenge is Summer Lovin’ - summer in the UK for me is always a time to enjoy being outside, in nature, making the most of whatever warm and dry weather we can get :-) 58 more words


Pimlico Sunset

Anyone unfamiliar with London who hears the name Pimlico might think of Passport To Pimlico, in which a community of knees-up-muvver-brown cockneys spend a mad fortnight seceding from the UK; but then that was the 1940s, when Islington was considered a slum… the real Pimlico has always struck me as weirder than the black-and-white Burgundy. 1,881 more words