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What is “BetterEndingsNow!” to Me?, by Dr. Joshua Bertetta

{Dear Readers: Here is a treat (for me especially!). Joshua Bertetta of the intriguing blog The Story of the Four, and Ptero’s Card, has taken time to reflect on BetterEndings Now which he has been graciously following. 940 more words

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Myth, par excellence.

Myth, par excellence.


Our intention is to gather
some suitably approved historians;
direct them to collect the stories,
interrogate the documents,
and compile them into a seamless narrative… 141 more words

Dialogue in Stone: Callanish

Away on the far North Western corner of the Isle of Lewis, which itself sits on the far Northwest of the UK, there lies a dialogue in stone. 715 more words


Paramount Pictures project asks artists to reimagine Ninja Turtles as kappa

Paramount Pictures has asked artists from all over the world to contribute to its Legend of the Yokai project, which features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as inspired by kappa, water-dwelling yokai often found in Japanese folklore. 147 more words



There is a Sumerian myth about the goddess Inanna in which she travels to the underworld. She is the Queen of the Heavens, and descends to increase the scope of her power. 1,051 more words


It is time to take time with the poets and listen to the raindrops, time to read again the myth of the Tower of Babel, and to rediscover the lessons of entropy in everyday life. 82 more words


83: Take Yourself Out of the Beauty Myth

Topic: In your Beautiful You journal, write down all the reasons you should stop obsessing over your appearance. Remind yourself of these insights whenever you are blindsided by body brooding. 118 more words