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Nails drumming on a tabletop

Am definitely in that “hurry up and wait” place with mystery project–my initial development part is finished, so now I wait for a couple things to go through on it before I can hit “share.”  Excited about it, scared about it, not sure how it will be received, but, ultimately, Finn exists with or without it, so I shouldn’t worry too much, right? 175 more words

Almost there...

I’ve been pretty hesitant to do much (well, ANY) including of any “of me” photos on this blog, suppose it is a last holdout on a certain level of anonymity and the usual “I hate pictures of me!” reluctance a lot of people have.  138 more words

Mystery Project ~ Think Hawaii!

I am so excited that I found this pattern.  I’m even more excited to NOT show you what it is ;) I will say its another double knit pattern…much like the… 154 more words


A glimpse of things to come

Sorry to be such a tease.  Okay, that’s a lie, not sorry.  However, sorry not to satisfy what I am SURE is your inordinate curiosity just yet.  481 more words