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My Plan or God's Plan?

Disclaimer: This is my experience. It won’t be yours. My plan is not your plan, and yours is not mine. Every person’s is different.

Around this time last year I had it all figured out. 896 more words



I don’t know about you guys but my friends don’t know I have a blog, sometimes I think they’ll think it’s silly; me liking to write or even worse BLOG, but I love it so what’s the point. 68 more words


Ways I'm older than my age and am ok with it.

1. When given the chance 7pm is the perfect bed time.
2. My bedside table includes a jar of icy-hot, achy foot cream, ibuprofen, a hot/cold rice pillow and heel/cracked elbow creams. 74 more words


Conversations with Hermes

Himself: You are Angelia, the literal personification if My message. You are “the Word”. Are you My daughter? In a manner if speaking. Not in the genetic sense that you are thinking. 79 more words


21 days challenge - day 12

Day twelve – List six things you love about yourself? Don’t be shy!

I will keep this one simple…

1. My music taste

- because it’s just too good… 71 more words

Representations of my Brain Dribble

I’m going to be honest with you there is no real theme for this blog, well there’s the Ryu theme, but there is no posting theme for this blog. 41 more words


Preregistration done!

Alright!! I was waiting for this day all summer!! Finally I did it! Now that I think of it, the same day I start university again is the day I’ll know if I’m in or not, so it makes me a little nervous. 120 more words