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21 days challenge - day 12

Day twelve – List six things you love about yourself? Don’t be shy!

I will keep this one simple…

1. My music taste

- because it’s just too good… 71 more words

Representations of my Brain Dribble

I’m going to be honest with you there is no real theme for this blog, well there’s the Ryu theme, but there is no posting theme for this blog. 41 more words


Preregistration done!

Alright!! I was waiting for this day all summer!! Finally I did it! Now that I think of it, the same day I start university again is the day I’ll know if I’m in or not, so it makes me a little nervous. 120 more words


#OOTD casual rest day

Hello Sweet Peas,

Ah so today was a truly needed rest day, which has to my surprise been a fab way to start my week. I woke with some light yoga (secretly a meditating freak) and had the biggest breakfast as per usual because who dislikes breakfast?!? 89 more words


We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson

This is one of my all time favourite quotes by Frank Ocean.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of his music, but I do love this quote a lot. 222 more words


|Melissa Reid|

Another productive day.
Holiday planning, photo editing, Netflix & Uni work. 
I have a big photoshoot planned for the tenth of September & my 22nd Birthday on the eleventh of September.

Melissa x 


Dear Me

A couple of weeks ago while suffering a case of bloggers block, I tweeted, “if you could write a letter to anyone about anything, who would it be?” One of my readers said, “I would write a letter to myself in 10 years time”. 349 more words

Written Letters