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Trust. It is such a fragile thing. It is the base of every relationship, may it be of any kind, personal or professional. All it takes is one rash action or one lie to break that trust and once broken no matter how hard both the sides try, it cannot be re-established back to its pre-damage state. 411 more words

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Money Or No Money

Having been sitting down for over 2 hours, I decided to hide myself in the conference room. For once, it was all silence. The only sound I could hear was the sound of the keyboard on my phone. 565 more words


Mommy, I just need a little more sleep...

“Mommy, I just need a little more sleep..” Jose rolls over and covers himself with his blanket.  I watch as David and Augi picks out their outfits for school.  435 more words

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Are You afraid of Singham?

Singham returned to theatres this Independence Day & as expected smashed the box office records. I must admit that I too am a sucker for such movies especially when… 972 more words

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7 Reasons Why...

This is a re-blog of an article published in HuffingtonPost.
The words of this man are solid and resonate well with logic.

For those who need a dose of reality once in a lifetime, here you go: 8 more words

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Of People and Opportunities

I’ve probably reiterated this several times, I’m not a huge fan of people and physical contact of any kind. But on the other hand, I do enjoy talking to people, although that seems to be my narcissism rearing its head out. 873 more words


Boycotting PLL

I have officially decided to boycott Pretty Little Liars.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it when it first started. So much so that I decided to read the books. 224 more words

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