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Truth of My Entrapment, Seizure & Health Violation by the NYPD

This video details the events leading up to and during my family’s entrapment in my mother’s apartment, by the New York City Police Department on the night of August 3, 2014. 619 more words


Police Brutality & Over Militarization At My Doorstep

I, Shaquana Gardner, am a living and breathing testament of the excessive, xenophobic driven brutality of the over-militarized police force in NYC. On August 3, 2014 the New York City Police Department broke down my apartment door, handcuffed every person in my home and illegally dragged me off to Bellevue Medical Center, citing that I was a danger to myself (as a result of being “suicidal” and “believing that I was prophet, sent from God, in the likeness of Jesus Christ”)!

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Heart Share #1: Realizing My Peace Within

This is a different approach to some of my recent blogs. I will be stepping in and out of the how-to blogs and experimenting with what I call Heart Shares where I literally share what is in my heart and the lessons I’ve learned and am learning throughout my life’s¬†experiences. 1,666 more words

My Truth: What it is.

I’m trying to blog more to get my mind to rest by letting all the thoughts I have going on inside out. I’ve decided that one way to do this is to create segments on my blog and the first of these I’m going to call ‘My Truth’ followed by whatever topic I want to write about. 62 more words

My Truth

at times...

At times, I find my self unable to write. Unable to speak.

That in itself might not be all that bad.

Except when it affects my ability to speak and write my truth, my story. 189 more words

Daddy Issues

I know there are plenty of people that can relate to a similar issue that I had and am currently still going through. Being 23 years old and still having daddy issues is not where I want to be. 379 more words