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I am back. Had a fantastic family vacation, then a bit of work stuff to take care of.

On to the good stuff…dating.

I decided it was time I could look at dating again. 975 more words

It's About Love

Pound of flesh ...

So how much is all of this going to cost?

  • Graduate medicine 4 year course
  • 4 x 15k tuition costs per year = 60k
  • 4 x 10k living costs per year = 40k…
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My Story

There's a Downhill Waiting

I absolutely love riding my bike. It makes me feel like a kid again! No matter how tough the hill, or how long it takes me to get up, there is nothing that compares to the downhill ride… The wind in my face and my hair, the feeling of pure abandon and delight… Freedom. 430 more words

My Story

The return of the Klutz

I have always been a little bit of clumsy. But now that I’m recovering and having more energy, I realise that my clumsiness is evolving or something o.o But yeah actually that seems quite normal. 370 more words

My Story

No to 'Ice Baket Challenge'

today, i got my first nomination for the ice bucket challenge.

i was more annoyed than excited in receiving the nomination. not that i get a lot of nominations though. 528 more words

My Story

Two of Me is More for You

“Go back to your country, where women have no rights or even worse…The choice”

said a friend I thought was close.

“I would never go work there; I have two daughters, women can’t have a life there” one colleague said, then said apologetically because she noticed I was in the room. 667 more words



 I respect anyone with a passion. Having a passion requires so much work but it isn’t bothersome because you love it. It’s a beautiful thing. I spent one day in El Dispensario de Enrique de Ossó they performed standard teeth cleanings as well as extractions and reconstructions. 301 more words