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Child matures
Into grizzled, old man,
Whiles dogs run
Playful and happy,
Under the summer sun


Photo thanks to @cmangia

My Poetry

“ Life ” ~ seems to last but days ~

I might’ve secured

A guiding hand,

Help spare endure

Suffer be damned,

Holding eye blind

Flouting scant time,

Averred be wrong

Stresses my mind,

And likely as long… 38 more words

My Poetry


enemy to myself
I battle on
the war
is never won

My Poetry

Poems without Titles

I’m terrible at titles. Really. Ask any of my exasperated tutors. At some point in the last year, I developed a rather tragic habit of titling poems with the date of where they were written – frankly, it’s just not acceptable behaviour. 478 more words


I’m struck by,
Her beauty once again,
Each time,
She comes
Into my life,
Actual time spent,
Or just a text
It matters naught,
My heart soars

My Poetry