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Another food recalled recently this week

This week Pedigree dog food was recalled.  Guess who that brand is by?  By the way did you know Mars owns Banfield Animal clinics in Petsmart?  82 more words


I talk about bad foods all the time

Purina can say anything they want if their foods are killing pets stop saying that their is nothing wrong.  Stop trying to justify that it’s something else.  424 more words


The increasingly elusive role of Science in veterinary education

Hallelujah.  About time someone else sees what is going on.  This article I find very interesting and I will definitely share this article with you.  70 more words


Validation Through Touch

I am not sure if this will go directly to the page I wanted to link here.  It’s on page 29.  Validation Through Touch.  I find this article so true, I have had 2 people so far with the same response as this article.  340 more words

Healing The Way

Doctor Who: My feelings about the Doctor and E1S8 (SPOILERS)

I just have to talk about this, and then I remembered I have a blog. It’s the best place to talk, or in this case write, about things that are on my mind. 1,107 more words

My Musings

Peaceful Passage

At 12:30 pm EST today Terry’s father, Morris, passed away in the loving care of Hospice.  We are grateful that his passing was peaceful and he is no longer suffering. 280 more words

My Musings

Searching, Seeking

Searching, seeking
Where I need to be
What will be be my destiny.

Answers come
From where I don’t know when
I didn’t know or need til then.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2014