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Burning Passion: The Tale of Writing, or a Writer, or a Bored Little Dog

It’s been so long, my friends, but today I come bearing a token of my affection. This little piece of flash comes from a prompt in an… 426 more words

Short Story

The TimeWarp Bill: 8 Random Facts

This post features my story The TimeWarp Bill
Newly reprinted by The Fast-Forward Festival
Spoilers have been whited out

Exciting news! The TimeWarp Bill, originally published by…

600 more words


For the longest time Martin had thought that he was simply an arsehole. Of course he maybe was an arsehole, but at least some of that arseholy behavior, the doctor had helped him realise, was attributable to the condition. 1,230 more words



Congrats, Sue! You guessed the correct plant in my header. It is the Atropa Belladonna or Deadly Nightshade plant.

And here is miss Stevie Nicks, one of my all time favorite singers, singing about Bella Donna!

My Fiction

The Possibility

The first boy she ever dated asked her out in sixth grade science class. He wrote the question in pencil on the black, sterile table, and looked shocked when she wrote back, “Yes.” Raeburn wasn’t cute; in fact, she probably would’ve said he was ugly and fat, but at eleven she felt herself above such shallow matters. 1,540 more words

My Fiction

UNCERTAIN LOGIC: Draft is done (almost)

I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been focused on gettingĀ Uncertain Logic done. I just wrapped up the first draft today… a day after my nominal deadline. 1,068 more words

My Fiction

The Toy Patrol

“Barb, where are the car keys?” he asked, watching her decide what to wear.

She frowned. The keys were where they always were – resting in the ignition of the pink convertible. 608 more words

My Fiction