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i start college on tuesday. i am scrambling now, trying to figure out all the textbook stuff and how to properly sign my student loan forms and all this shit that should probably come a little easier to me. 662 more words

Dear Diary: Those Lovely Nightmares. ♥︎

Dear Diary,

I’d like to think that I’ve been doing something right. I know that things are only going to get harder, and that my life is finally starting. 275 more words

Anisa Nasir

Kiểu mắt

Hm~~ kiểu mắt này như thế nào nhỉ

Mình đã vẽ nó mấy tháng rồi

giờ thì chính thức trang hoàn lại :3

giống như càng ngày càng trưởng thành ấy… 136 more words


Liebster Award ♡

Thank you so much thecatssmeoww for nominating me for this award. Can be more excited :p

Here we go!

 To give someone a Liebster Award you have to follow these rules: 540 more words

My Diary

The haircut

@12.46pm 30 aug’14
On 29th aug….

Bidita ami toke chara thakte pabo na….ami jotoi bholar cheta kora toto tor kotha mone pore jai…
Ami ki kori bhogoban??? 268 more words

My Diary

See what is happening today at the park!



So today, I was in the park and a group of little children and adults came to play together in the park. They call this colourful piece of cloth “rainbow”, and because my site is called “hellorainb0w” i had to post it here. :3