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Do you re-read?

Do you ever re-read?

I’ve decided to re-read all of the Harry Potter series.  (Don’t be surprised I read more than just smutty smut.  It’s important to be well-rounded, dears.) 140 more words

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Motivation from "Jaws"

How the story behind the making of “Jaws” can motivate you through a hard (re)write (or really anything)

It’s Shark Week and I love “Jaws,” (I re-watched “Jaws” and “Jaws – the inside story,” so I’m a happy camper), so it’s a shark related post today. 534 more words


Are writing conferences worth it? Part II

Back  in March, I posted a question on if Writing Conferences were worth the money…so I decided to test it out for myself and sign up for one. 539 more words


Courtesy of Project Mayhem – an excellent blog for middle-grade writers -

How to Write When You’re Not Writing

I thought we could all use this post to assuage some of the late summer “I need to be writing” guilt. 283 more words

Musings On Writing

Writer's Conference Bound

I’m currently en route to the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC (yay for free wifi on the fancy bus!) and taking a chance on becoming  of a proper writer ( 139 more words


Persistence or futility?

I used to finish every book I started reading, no matter how little I enjoyed it. (Except for Moby Dick, which I was constitutionally unable to get past page 57 until absolutely required to do so for American Lit second semester of my senior year of college. 515 more words

Musings On Writing

Evolution of Relationships in Novels...as explained by my dog

Evolution of relationships in novels…as explained by my dog’s interactions with the cable guy :)

I watched Bella (I promise, I did not name her after Twilight’s lame heroine) interact with the cable guy yesterday, and I couldn’t help being amused at her steps toward him.   413 more words