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KANYE Has Another "Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute I'mma Let You Finish" Moment at This Weekend's MADE IN AMERICA Festival

With an invitation to be a guest on a talk show (night or day) not being something high up on the itinerary at this very moment, and the understanding that a good Twitter rant is hyped up, tended to, and cared about for about 15 minutes; Kanye West knows all too well just where to high-tail his rants: 762 more words

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How PARIS, PRINCE & BLANKET Celebrated MICHAEL JACKSON'S [Would Be] 56th Birthday Friday, August 29, 2014

Michael Jackson would have turned 56 years old this past Friday and although he is gone, he will never be forgotten by his fans, his family—and especially his children: Paris, Blanket and Prince. 269 more words

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ADAM LEVINE: "Being Married Makes Me Feel More Like a Man"

Looking to feel more masculine, virile? Just get married…………….to the right girl and voila!…you’re all set.

Unlike the typical male newly off the market and nearly two months past the big day-contemplating whether or not he made the right move; … 323 more words

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{OnDa Cover & In Between} MARIO LOPEZ In Upcoming CIGARS & SPIRITS Mag & USHER In CIGAR AFICIONADO's September Issue

As American popular culture would have it, in the 70’s and 80’s, the Marlboro Man was long known as the tobacco’s industry’s face of strength, and masculine sexiness beyond compare. 285 more words

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MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Fashion and Goings On

Last night, one of music’s most outrageous nights happened (or…the stars came out and happened to it).

Enjoy the pictures worth a thousand words of some of your favorites: 199 more words

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BANG BANG: Pop Powerhouse-JESSIE J, Pop Darling-ARIANA GRANDE and Queen Raptress-NICKI MINAJ Drops New Video

Last night, a whole lot of things were banging at MTV’s VMA’s-everything from the fashion, to the artists, (to Usher banging his head like the rockstar that he is onto Nicki Minaj’s bottom): 105 more words

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