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A-ha - Early Morning

Recently this song will not go away from my head.

A-ha – Early Morning

Early morning
Eight o’clock precise
I see the lonely August sun arise… 100 more words

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test again!

hello! I’m testing my wordpress site yet again!

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Pharoah Sanders' Black Unity for Less than a Buck!

So after getting a few things for the S.O.’s birthday last week on Amazon I got sent a free $1 mp3 credit. When I get one I scour Amazon for digital albums that, because they only have one long track, are 99 cents. 123 more words

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A-ha - Foot of the mountain

I wasn’t aware of this until thinking about it recently. In 1981 I was 10 years old and in 1989 I became 18 years old, so I spent all my teenager years in the 80s. 269 more words

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Most and Least Watched Videos on My Youtube Channel

About a year ago I started a youtube channel to upload videos of mostly my own music collection, as well as some ProTools and Final Cut projects, plus odds and ends. 37 more words

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China Records - Sichuan Folk Music 78rpm

Here’s a special one, a mainland Chinese album from before the Cultural Revolution, recorded most likely the late 1950s. It looks like it was part of a series of recordings of amateur performances; sort of an Alan Lomax style project. 120 more words

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more treated soundtracks

Awhile back I posted some ‘treated soundtracks’ (link) that I cooked up on ProTools during lunch breaks. Here’s a couple more:

Midnight Grindhouse is an occasional sound project by DrG Supreme. 52 more words

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