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Young Jeezy on Recent Arrest: "We Shouldn't Have Been Detained" [EXCLUSIVE]

Young Jeezy stopped by Hot 107.9 today and proclaimed his innocence, saying he and his crew “shouldn’t have been detained in the first place.”

As we previously reported, … 191 more words


Song of the day: Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror

My hubby and I saw Biffy Clyro live at the Powerstation last night. We played three of their songs at our wedding, but it was this one that made hubby choke up a little when they played it (while I took the more public approach of just letting the tears stream down my face, thank god it was dark). 221 more words


Grimes x "Go" Featuring Blood Diamonds (Official Video)

Claire Boucher’s mid-summer jam, “Go” was surely a divisive one, as hardcore Grimes fans seemed puzzled by the artist’s new, unfamiliar sound, and many newcomers likened it to dubstep and hardcore electronica. 159 more words


Noisey - "SVDDXNLY" Parts 1-5 (Video)

Noisey’s five part documentary following the rise of A$AP Rocky is now complete with today’s release of the 5th and final installment. Hit the jump to watch the entire series. 


Prelude and Fugue in C major -- Georg Böhm

Nice baroque.  Böhm was 24 years older than Bach and some influence on him.


Gig Review: Popjustice's Deluxe Edition - August

Gen Williams

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Popjustice Deluxe Edition is the night to attend if you love pop music – shockingly enough. Boasting all different kinds of pop, here’s my lowdown on the artists that played and my interpretation of their pop music. 825 more words