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Tabata (HIIT)

Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Tabata incorporates 20 seconds of high intensity training followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated for 8 cycles for a total of 4 minutes. 16 more words


Incorporating strength training

Runners run, right? But what about strength training? I have come to realise through my own experiences with strength training and research into how the top runners train that it is an integral part of a runners training plan if they are to succeed. 751 more words

Abdominal Exercise And Weight Loss

Abdominal Exercise

When most people start on a weight-loss regime the first thing they wish to attack is their waistline. They start off with visions of turning a beer gut into an abdominal six-pack. 583 more words

Abdominal Exercise

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25 Effective Core Exercises For Women

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I love core exercises. Without your core and leg workouts your body wouldn't be able to perform those ADL's!!

Exercise Modules

Develop exercise modules using the following suggestions:

15-20 minutes each

Types of exercise included:

For balance,

For flexability

For endurance

For strength

Goals for exercise: 54 more words


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Food for thought...

Shredding the pounds by using Yoga

How to lose weight with yoga. You just can use desk and chair and it is very easy.

Desk yoga 1
Tight stomach, massaging the internal organs… 188 more words


Workout Domination Routine


FR: Bonjour à tous !

Je viens faire partager la séance pour pratiquant confirmés que j’ai crée moi même en salle de sport, uniquement pour vous. 326 more words