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Muslim cleric wants counseling, drug-rehab centres for addicts

Mumbai, August 29, 2014: Maulana Moin Miyan, the rector at the Jamia Qadriya Ashrafiya (JQA) in Grant Road, has vowed to intensify his efforts towards eradicating the drug abuses rampant in Muslim neighbourhoods in Mumbai. 780 more words


gorgeous kareena kapoor @ #LFW

Gorgeous Kareena Kapoor as always at her fashionable best by Manish Malhotra setting the stage on fire for the grand finale!


हॉकीचे जादूगार मेजर ध्यानचंद यांची आज १०९ वी जयंती आहे. खेळातील त्यांच्या योगदानासाठी तसेच मातीतील खेळांना उत्तेजन देण्यासाठी त्यांच्या जयंतीचे औचित्य साधून
भारतात हा दिवस ‘खेळ दिवस’ म्हणून साजरा केला जातो.

Manusjivabhvacha Ajitpawar

The festival of happiness

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of the elephant god who brings success to new endeavours, is the gatekeeper for all new things, is chubby, jolly and loves his Modaks (steamed or in the form of sweets). 314 more words


Boss of Mumbai- Ganpati aala re- 10 days of GaneshUtsav

Ganesh Chaturthi- This is the festival that all Mumbaikar eagerly wait for a year to celebrate . The festival unites whole Mumbai in one color, joy and with high spirit. 150 more words


In India, Slum Dwellers Move Into High Rises - Businessweek

Indian developer Babulal Varma’s job requires the human touch. The company he co-founded, Omkar Realtors & Developers, specializes in coaxing Mumbai’s slum dwellers from their hovels, then bulldozing the slum and erecting a mix of luxury condominium towers and free new homes for the slum dwellers on the cleared land. 500 more words


In Danger of Closing, Mumbai Festival Turns to Crowdfunding

LONDON – A social media campaign has been launched by stars and film fans in India in an attempt to keep this year Mumbai Film Festival from closing down. 256 more words